"We are happy to present a young evangelist, Daniel Borges, who was raised in our UPC of Brazil and is a good preacher, teacher, translator, interpreter and evangelist with proven results, and recommend him to all of our brethren."


"For the past ten years, I have observed that the Spirit of the Lord is upon Daniel Borges’ ministry and that the hand of the Lord works through him. Daniel and I have worked together in CEIA conferences and in other meetings in Brazil.

"I have had the privilege of knowing this great man of God for many years now. I have traveled with him and seen God use him from Brazil to USA. He blessed our church here in Cooper City, Florida and many other churches where he has minis

“If you want to promote revival at your church, I recommend Rev. Daniel Borges. He has preached in revival meetings where there have been Holy Ghost baptisms and healing miracles. This young minister has an anointed word that will certain

“Rev. Daniel Borges joined our church in 2000. I have seen his spiritual and ministerial zeal grow continuously. As his pastor, I witnessed him grow into a servant, a teacher, a leader and now an evangelist with an apostolic ministry.”<

"I have known Rev. Daniel Borges since his conversion. I have seen his dedication, faith and love for God and His church. He is a young minister, yet mature and very sensitive to the Holy Ghost. I recommend him, because he has been a channe