Dear Brothers, This is a ministry of faith, It is supported by your generosity and prayer. Perhaps you would like to be a blessing by making a donation in any amount. When you contribute, you are actually a partner in this ministry. You are a partner in reaching and changing lives. If you believe in this ministry, please partner with me and donate today. Ask the Lord what He would have you to do. I need your help. Thank you very much!



If you want to donate you can use one of this options:
1) Paypal option 1

Choose the amount you want to contribute, then click in “Check out with Paypal”

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Paypal option 2

2) Bank Deposit

You can also contribute by direct deposit. You can donate via cash, check, money order, or EFT. Please deposit or transfer your charitable contribution using the following information.

Bank: Wells Fargo Bank

Routing Number: 063107513

Account Number: (contact us HERE for this information or text (614) 9170637)

Please feel free to contact us directly for assistance or clarification on the process.


3) Western Union

Click on the following link, Western Union to donate today. It’s fast and easy!: Western Union
To contribute, please use the following information:
1. Receiver first and last name: Daniel da Silva Borges
2. Bank name: Bank of Brazil
3. Account number: 13.382-5
4. Branch code: 0367-0
5. Receiver’s Address: Rua Suiça, 326
6. Receiver’s city name: Alvorada
7. Receiver’s phone number: (051) 981897679

You will receive a confirmation email with an MTCN tracking number. Please send us a message here, with the amount of the transaction, your name as it was used for the transaction, and MTCN number. This will help facilitate our receipt of the offering/donation.

“In less than 5 minutes and for a nominal fee you can bless our ministry for a month.”

Thank you!